If weight gain is your goal, there’s no point tacking on the pounds if you pack on heart disease, bad cholesterol and diabetes.
Gain weight scientifically, healthily and in beautiful moderation with a customized plan just for you.
This program is simple, easy to follow and effective. Every step here is taken after studying your health records and assessment.
Depending on your goal, the diet plans are matched with your current food habits, timings & lifestyle.
The plans are simple, easy to follow and with a variety of options to choose from. The results start showing from the 1st session itself.
In the last session, you are given a maintenance kit, where you are put on normal food and taught how to balance the meals well, this will ensure you gain weight healthily.

Each Diet Chart Is To Be Followed For 10 Days.


1. Anybody who wants to gain weight the healthy way and maintain it smartly.



1.) Personalized diet plans
2.) Whatsapp/call support
3.) Health hacks
4.) Continuous assessment and guidance
5.) Travel guide/ restaurant guide/ festival guide/ alcohol guide
6.) Eat smart guide
7.) Cheat sheets
8.) Exercise guide
9.) Consultation with the dietician
10.) Free maintenance diet at the end of your weight loss journey