Your 8-week plan to quit diets forever,
your balanced weight and live the healthy life.


It’s changing thousands of lives every week

During the next 8 weeks, you are going to go through the different facets of health.

Together, we’ll work on steering your perception of ‘health’ away from any excessive or obsessive mentalities around food and weight, because they DO NOT WORK!

This Program will also show you just how achievable healthy living can be. It’s not complicated at all; it’s actually quite simple. It will show you the connection between health and weight loss. You will learn how to alter your lifestyle and diet in a way that will give you long-lasting results, not just quick fixes.

Your body is an incredible machine and if you fuel it with nutrients it needs and treat it with respect, you’ll never go back. It’s a promise

What I need from you: an open mind and a commitment to be the best version of yourself. Together, we are going to map out a healthy future and learn how to eat smart by relishing on everything.


My 8-Week Online Program will help you:

1. Heal your relationship with food
2. Cleanse your gut
3. Achieve hormonal balance
4. Reach your balanced Weight


Why this program is for you?

This program is all about shifting your perception and behaviors on eating and ultimately finding balance.

It will help you give up fad dieting, commit to a healthy and sustainable way of eating forever.

Health is a lifestyle; it needs to be easy, manageable and enjoyable. That’s MY WAY and that’s what I’m here for: to support each one of you in your journey to feel and look your absolute best.

It is my duty to block out the noise of the fad diets, so you can focus and figure what works the best for you. This will help you make choices to help your unique body to thrive.

By the end of the program, you’ll feel reconnected to your body!


My Promise to You:

You will learn that health is NOT tedious.

You will be able to ditch the torment cycle of fad diets.

You will be able to let go of deprivation, restriction and bingeing.

You will learn how to find freedom with food and make peace with your body.

Because you deserve it!!



You will receive the content for the Week on the next Sunday after you sign up.

On each following Sunday for the duration of 8 week, we will unlock the required content and new customized diet plan for the week ahead to keep you steadily on track.

INTRO: A new YOU starts here

WEEK 1: Reset & Respect your body

WEEK 2: Find balance with food, weight and your lifestyle

WEEK 3: Heal Your Gut

WEEK 4: Improve Hormonal Imbalance

WEEK 5: Improve your immunity

WEEK 6: Simplicity Over Superfood

WEEK 7: Learn how to Eat Smart

WEEK 8: Maintain your weight