Did you know that diabetics can eat rice and mango? Did you know that diabetics can work- out and lead a normal lifestyle? Did you know they can have sweets and still control their sugar cravings? Food is not the culprit!
This program is especially tailor-made for diabetics and separates facts from fiction. It enables you to manage your condition while increasing your appetite and helps you lead a normal lifestyle.
Dt. Manoli Mehta who is a certified Diabetes Educator, crafts a customized health plan based on your blood reports with a view to mitigating problems associated with unhealthy lifestyle and eating. Because sometimes, the best way to heal yourself is with the PLATE and NOT THE PILL.

Each Diet Chart Is To Be Followed For 10 Days.



1. Type 1 or Juvenile Diabetes Mellitus
2. Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus
3. Gestational Diabetes Mellitus


1.) Personalized diet plans
2.) Continuous Whatsapp/call support
3.) Health hacks
4.) Continuous assessment and guidance
5.) Travel guide/ restaurant guide/ festival guide/ alcohol guide
6.) Eat smart guide
7.) Cheat sheets
8.) Exercise guide
9.) Consultation with the dietician
10.) Free maintenance diet at the end of your weight loss journey