The next time you sit down to eat a meal, do one thing for me: connect with your body and become aware of how you’re feeling. Are you feeling stressed or relaxed? Are you holding on? Is your stomach starting to clench? Are you feeling scared /anxious? Is your heart racing? Or perhaps you feel calm and present?

You may be excited about your food or you may start to feel guilty about what you are about to eat. These are some of the emotions I used to feel every time I sat down to a plate of food. However, it doesn’t have to be like this — here’s my advice:

My advice:

  • Next time you sit down to a meal – take 3 long deep breathes and relax your entire body.
  • Try your best to remove all judgment about what you are about to eat – instead focus on slowly enjoying each mouthful. Judgment around food causes stress which makes it actually harder to digest that food. Remember that 80% of the time your goal is to eat nourishing wholefoods and then there will be 20% of imperfect eating – that’s balance. So enjoy each meal – whether good or bad.
  • Pay attention and ENJOY – eating is such a pleasurable experience. Enjoy it, don’t rush it! Listen to your body and eat what your body needs. When you start to become a conscious eater you learn the art of moderation – you become aware of when you are full. This is the healthiest way to eat.
  • Commit to making each meal pleasurable. Make sure to be sitting in a peaceful environment (away from phone/computers/tv) to do this. Being on social media while you eating leaves you feel unsatisfied.
  • Pay attention to your food and how you feel after eating it – this is the best guide to knowing which foods make you feel good. When you start to be present with food – you start to taste it and enjoy is more which will make you feel much more satiated after eating which decreases stress eating.
  • Remember, food is not going anywhere. You can have some more later or tomorrow. This helped me from overeating or stress eating.
  • Remove the pressure to do it all perfectly. Commit to eating well because it makes you feel GOOD. Then allow there to be some room for indulgence with moderation.


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