About Tattvum

Weight loss & lifestyle management is not just about planning your diet, infact it’s about making the entire experience positive & engaging. Our mission is to make weight loss & lifestyle management – “Easy, Engaging & Accessible for everyone”.

We strive for the overall development of an individual by providing customized diet plans and “relishing on everything, by eating smart”.

Our approach is holistic and we specialize in therapeutic diets and weight loss/gain.

At Tattvum, we understand that one has to manage their lives in a tight & a hectic schedule. Hence we have an online consultation program, where one can connect with us through the phone or by e-mail. You can stay healthy even when you’re miles away. Your ultimate solution for healthier lives is just a call/ email away!!

Dietitian Manoli Mehta is a certified Diabetes Educator and has an extensive experience in working with patients suffering from diabetics and endocrinological disorders. She is the founder and the dietitian-in-residence, who manages all the patients at Tattvum.

At Tattvum, we are here to coach you at every step of your life – such as a major event like a wedding or a fast that you regularly follow.

“Sometimes, the best way to heal yourself is through the PLATE and NOT the PILL”.

A journey of 1000 miles begins with a single step and the journey to your healthy life begins with a single call! Let’s begin. Call now!