Eating With Balance

Removing anxiety, fear and stress around eating for a healthier relationship with food.


Heal Your Body

Nutritional principles that teach you how your body works, so you can heal it with a holistic approach.



Being able to eat foods with moderation, without bingeing or overeating. Find your balanced weight and maintain it for long term.

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Valentine’s Day Special

Valentine’s Day brings not only feelings of love and joy, it also brings high-calorie chocolates, candies, cookies and other treats. In this article I hope to help you add a splash of healthy romance to your Valentine’s Day. Whether you are eating out or staying in or just looking for heart healthy tips, this article


Mid-Night Munching Is Unhealthy

Munching mindlessly in front of the television after dinner or stopping for a late-night snack after an evening with friends or family can cause you to pile on the pounds. But sensible meals late in the night that you eat due to hectic work schedule or some other work once in a while will not